The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

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You worry too much, about everything, isn’t that a waste of energy? You could use your valuable energy focusing on the things that really matter.

In this world where everything seems to matter lots of people suffer from anxiety disorders. Some of those disorders could be caused because we take so many things seriously at the same time. Why do we care if the coworker that sits in front of us does not ask us about our weekend? As Mark Manson describes in his book, don’t give a fuck! Pick the right topics that are aligned with your values. If your values are family and friends why are you staying until late at work without spending much time with them? If your values are related to money what are you doing playing video games or playing tv in your spare time?

We all have a limited number of fucks to give; pay attention to where and who you give them to

This book is written in a direct style and is that kind of books that sentence after sentence tells you things that you already know, you only need to hear them realize how important they are.

My rating for this one is 4 out of 5, a must read nowadays.

Key ideas

  • In your life you are going to have problems, choose which ones you prefer.
  • Emotions are signals that try to direct you in the correct direction. When you have positive emotions, they are rewards for taking action
  • Emotions not always are right and there are some that are useless. If you see a picture of a beautiful puppy you will feel happy for an instant, that emotion does not try to tell you anything meaningful
  • Maybe you would like to be rich, but do you like what you need to do to become rich? If you don’t like the process is probable that you only want the result. That is not enough, love the process and not only the result
  • Stop feeling that your problems are unique, what annoys you will annoy other people. Feeling unique is bad, you are not that unique in the world after all
  • We usually are average in most of the things we do, you could be great at one or two, the rest will be average. And that is ok
  • Relax your expectations, you could be really great on a field but if you compare yourself with someone else that is much much better you could be disappointed. If you are a great youtuber but you compare yourself with the number one on your country you are going to suffer and maybe you are doing ok.
  • You will remember better the moments where you struggled the most to achieve something rather than the ones where you have pleasure
  • If you choose your problems you will feel motivated and empowered but if you let the others to choose your problems, you will feel that you lose the control of your life
  • We not always control what happen to us, but that does not mean that we are not responsible. The author mentions this extreme example: If you born blind, it is obviously not your fault but that does not mean that you are not responsible of it, you should accept it and learn how to live with it
  • Everyone is wrong, there are only some people that is slightly less wrong than others
  • We are going to die, the only way to be comfortable with that fact is that you see yourself as something bigger

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