Android / Architecture

Say goodbye to all main thread problems in MVP

Months ago I created a sample project demonstrating clean architecture in Android, you can see it here. One of the main problems when I created this project was the threading, in Android if you do too much work in the Ui thread you have drawing problems and your Ui can seem unresponsive while you keep …


Coordinator as a library

Days ago I released a gist called “Coordinator” it was a simple class that handles X async actions and triggers a Runnable when all actions are complete. I saw some interest in Twitter / Github so I promoted the gist to library and I added Annotations to be easy to use.

Now you can configure Coordinator …


Presentando Coordinator o como evitar flags

¿Cuantas de nuestras clases necesitan crear flags para coordinar varias tareas asincronas? Te presento Coordinator.

Una clase de utilidad que hará que evites flags para coordinar varias acciones. Simplemente almacena una lista de strings como ids de acciones y lanza un callback cuando todas estén terminadas. Este es un código sin Coordinator:

boolean completedOne = false;
boolean completedTwo …