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Say goodbye to all main thread problems in MVP

Months ago I created a sample project demonstrating clean architecture in Android, you can see it here. One of the main problems when I created this project was the threading, in Android if you do too much work in the Ui thread you have drawing problems and your Ui can seem unresponsive while you keep …

Android / Architecture

Modeling my Android domain layer

Since my last post about why I don’t use a pure repository pattern in Android I received some feedback and I want to explain how I organize my domain layer.

What should be my domain layer

Everything. No, seriously, everything that are decissions that your app makes in order to request data must be in this layer. …

Android / Development

Create a mapper easily

If you are used to implement clean architecture in your project you will know that the mappers are a very boring part to write. The mappers are needed to send data across boundaries and you need to be careful while you are writing it, because if you forget to map any field the data will …

Android / Architecture

New implementation of Interactor Invoker

The interactors are the part of the business logic that follows the command pattern, one example implementation in Java is, for example, the ThreadPoolExecutor and the Runnables. The ThreadPoolExecutor is the invoker that executes the runnable (command). When we are using Interactors in our clean approach we are following the command pattern, so I’ve wrapped …

Android / Architecture

New weapons against the bus

Hi, today I gave a talk in Droidcon Spain about Clean architecture, quite similar to the Salamanca but with some fixes and improvements over this implementation. Now I don’t use a bus for this architecture anymore and I reduced the boilerplate.

New implementation of Interactor Invoker

The new implementation of the invoker is based on Futures and …


My way to clean Android

¡Hola desde Salamanca! He sido invitado como ponente al Android Day que organiza el GDG de Salamanca. He preparado una ponencia sobre clean architecture en Android que me gustaría compartir con vosotros. Las slides están accesibles en Slideshare, el video de la charla en: Youtube y por último y no menos importante el código de …

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VIPER hangout

El pasado Miércoles 28 estuvimos hablando por hangouts on air Alberto Moraga, Pedro Piñera y yo sobre VIPER y en general arquitectura, os dejo las preguntas que se hicieron contestadas y el video del evento.

¿Qué beneficios habéis visto con este tipo de arquitectura?

Poder testar todas tus capas, independientemente de sus dependencias
Que tengas claro en todo …