Say goodbye to all main thread problems in MVP

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Months ago I created a sample project demonstrating clean architecture in Android, you can see it here. One of the main problems when I created this project was the threading, in Android if you do too much work in the Ui thread you have drawing problems and your Ui can seem unresponsive while you keep the Ui thread busy, also you can’t touch any Ui component from any worker thread, this calls have to be in the Ui thread.

When I created this MVP project I faced that problem and I tried to abstract this threading problems into the delivery mechanism, Android in this case. The communication between View and a Presenter is in the same thread because the action that a Presenter does are usually little things and most times is only a call to domain and this is done in a worker thread.

The other problem was when an interactor (asynchronous call) has finished and I have to refresh the screen with some retrieved data in background, you need the Ui thread, but only when touching widgets, if you have to do some other actions it’s better to keep the worker thread alive and return to the main thread only when needed.


Keeping this on my mind I decided to decorate my View implementations with a Handler to post the results in the Ui Thread,
so my Presenter and my View interface are part of my java presentation module and using the view decorator the change to the UI thread is done seamlessly and transparently keeping the presenter decoupled from thread changing logic. Let’s see some code:

This MainPresenter, executes with an InteractorInvoker (ThreadPoolExecutor abstraction) a thread to get some Contact result. When the interactor is completed it needs to call a method in the view, so it makes the call to the view without thinking about any threading problem and keeps the presenter absctract about threading issues.

To do that, you have to call or runOnUiThread() in order to change the thread in the view, but the code will become verbose and maybe I can forget in some circustances to implement that, so I created a code generator to let this implemented autommatically for you without any effort, the usage is pretty simple, you only have to annotate your view interface with @ThreadDecoratedView and when you need this decorated view call ViewInjector.inject(mainViewImpl, threadSpec); a ThreadSpec is just a simple interface that implements execute method, so in that implementation you can just use your Handler. Now the code becomes easier:

This implementation was in Clean Contacts but I decided to extract this functionality to a library and use it across other side projects, so I published a library called ViewThreadDecorator to Github.

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