Dynamically creating playlist of artist’s popular songs

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I do not use Spotify, play music or any streaming music service. I have a nice library in iTunes that is well labeled with my own ID3 Tags. I hear music around 6hr a day when I’m working because it keeps me focused in my work, that’s why I wear headphones with noise canceling too. So I don’t use any streaming service because in the office if there are about 10 people at the same time listening to music there is a huge network traffic at the same moment. Calculate it, reading on internet I concluded that 7,25hrs of streaming are about 1GB, so if we are 10 in the office it’s about 10GB a day. It’s so much.

For me, what play music or Spotify offers is the ability to don’t choose what music I want to hear, just use any radios or auto-generated playlist and it works very well. So I created some kind of playlist auto generator for the people like me that just wants to hear the music in local and don’t bother about what music.

The script is very easy, you only have to write an artist for ex: “Blink-182”, the script connects to last.fm to retrieve the most popular songs, is like the popular songs of Spotify. And then it matches your iTunes library and starts to play.

You can find in my Github Gist

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