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Approaching Outside-in TDD on Android (I)

Outside-in Test-Driven Development (TDD) can be a challenge to implement. In this 3-part post series, we would like to share our experiences applying it to Android development and offer some practical tips for doing so yourself.

As Android developers, we have …

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Keyboard driven development

I learnt how to work with my intelliJ / Android Studio without using my mouse and what I most like is that I spend less time executing the actions that I need, like refactoring, managing files, etc and I am …

Android / Architecture

Another approach to handle domain errors

Handling the internal domain errors as exceptions was a bad idea and I didn’t like since the beginning. For me an Exception must be thrown when there is no other choice, the method can’t deal with that action and the caller …

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Create a mapper easily

If you are used to implement clean architecture in your project you will know that the mappers are a very boring part to write. The mappers are needed to send data across boundaries and you need to be careful while …

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De Layout XML a código findViewById

No pierdas el tiempo con tareas repetitivas, todo lo que se pueda auto generar es bueno hacerlo así, eso decía mi abuela compañero. En Android una de las tareas más repetitivas que hay es a la hora de crear un …

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Atajos de teclado básicos de eclipse

Hace algún tiempo ya, escribí un post sobre los atajos de teclado básicos de Xcode, esta vez me gustaría hacer lo propio con los de Eclipse, de esta forma cubrimos ambas plataformas, todo esto detrás del salto.