functional programming

Functional Programming notes: Recursion

Recursion is a technique that allows us to break down a problem into smaller pieces. This technique allows us to remove some side effects that we perform while writting looping structures and also makes our code more expressive and readable. In this post we will see why is a very present technique in functional programming …

functional programming

Functional programming notes: Side effects

Functional programming is based on the simple premise that your functions should not have side effects, they are considered evil in this paradigm. If a function has side effects we call it a procedure, so functions do not have side effects. We consider that a function has a side effect if it modifies a mutable …

Android / Testing

Approaching Outside-in TDD on Android (III)

In the previous post, we wrote the acceptance test as a first step and started creating the most external classes of our implementation. In this post, we will finish implementing the system, and will summarize what we have learnt during the process.

Inner loop continuation

To finish the BankAccount class, we need to implement its last public …