About me


I’m a software craftsmanship currently focused in mobile development born in Valencia (Spain). I’m currently working at Codurance (London). I really enjoy writing about development and share my thoughts and opinions about everything that I learn.

I started developing my first programs in C++ when I was 14yo and I followed with an app in Windows Mobile 5 and some web pages with php. I started my professional career as a backend developer but in 2 years more or less I switched to the mobile world because I found it exciting and growing in that moment. I learned a lot of things in this period not only related with Android and iOS, how to refactor, write proper software with the minimum quality that a professional software need to have, techniques to achieve all of this and not less important, to work in a team.

If you want to stay informed of the last software techniques, follow me and keep it touch via twitter or this blog.